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The company employs about 20 people, 15 of which work in the production departments, divided on three working shifts.

Eltech S.r.l., in order to take care of its business relationships, created a "free-and-easy" and efficient organization, which is able to satisfy the Customers' demand in a very short time.

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The "success factors" which allowed Eltech S.r.l. to become a very important reference point in its niche of the market, have to be searched in the constant innovation of its processes, always mantaining a high flexibility in such a way as to satisfy the customers' demands in a short time.

Eltech S.r.l. pays great attention to the market needs, and it is conscious that every Customer has got his own requirements; for this reason this company has always been looking for dialogue and cooperation both with Customers and Suppliers, in order to obtain the constant improvement of its products and to solve the problems connected to the use of the product.

This behaviour aimed to research of dialogue also marks the strategic line of the firm for its future. Eltech S.r.l. strongly involved in following the customers' satisfaction in all its aspects, from the transparency in the relationships to the research of new technical solutions for the manifacture of its products always mantaining its characteristic flexibility.

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