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The company

Eltech S.r.l. starts its activity in 1987 operating in the copper wire tin-plating sector to which has to be added, from the middle of the 90s, the wire drawing of the wires used in the manifacturing of electrical cables. Eltech based its development on a consolidated know-how supported by constant research of new technologies in order to improve the manifacturing processes to the requests of the most demanding customers.

On a 5000 sqm covered surface, a 20 people staff operates on four electrolytic tin-platting plants and five technologically advanced drawing plants. Their productivity reaches 6000 tons/year as far as tinned wire is concerned, and more than 5000 tons/year of drawn wire. For these reasons, the company gained a respectful position in the tin-wire market.

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From 1995 the Company started a quality-insurance program and in 1996 obtained the certifications of its Quality Systems.

From June 2009 the Quality System has been up-to-date to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. On demand is available the document regarding the renewal of the certificate issued after the manteinance tests (e-mail:

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