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Raw material

The raw material is constituted by the 8 mm copper wire rod, drawn by certified suppliers that are provided with avanguard plants. The annealed wire obtained, with variable diameter from 1,50 to 2,50 mm, is destined to be re-drawn on other mono and multiwire drawing machines for a finished diameter range from 0,10 to 0,40 mm, after being covered, if necessary, with a tin coat varying from 2 to 7 micron.

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Eltech S.r.l. started its activity with electrolytic tin-platting plants, but it has always paid attention to the market, trying to anticipate the different and possible changes and following the innovations, with the aim to enlarge its offer on the market and by expanding in the drawing sector. Therefore, in a short time, Eltech S.r.l. added to the plants for tin-platting also other plants, for the monowire drawing, followed, in a couple of years later, by modern multiwire plants (14, 16, 28 wires) most of which are used for the drawing of tin wires.

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Thanks to the introduction of these last plants endowed with specific winding systems, Eltech S.r.l. has reached a high flexibility, with the possibility of producing at the same time and on the same plant range of product with different formings and packings, mono and multiwire.

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